Collaboration Roundtables

  • No Booths, No Pushy Sales, No Tradeshow Floor! Collaborate with Industry Experts.
  • Pre-Event Scheduler:  Choose who you want in your roundtables & preferred topics
  • Quality face-time with top decision makers
  • Listen to what the industry needs
  • Collaborate on lessons learned / best practices
  • Provide / Identify strategic solutions
  • Highly productive business development strategy

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A limited amount of about 20 companies will be leading a series of collaboration roundtable meetings with groups of senior federal IT executives. Preview and select confirmed executives prior to the meeting and GTRA will confirm appointments/times for delegates to meet with your executives on-site.


“I’ve been at this 20 years and this was the best conference that I’ve been to. GTRA has a young aggressive staff who is able to pull in key people and the roundtable concept worked very well. The government executives were committed to the process as well as the solution providers. I spent major individual time with all participants! GTRA did a tremendous job! We closed one contract within the first few months and have a seven figure deal that is also going through!”  –  VP Federal, Fortify

Partner Solutions & Roundtable Leads



“GTRA did a great job. We had a helpful team and it was a lot of fun! It was intimate, you could talk freely and it was an equal playing field. We closed a contract (Transportation) and have another in the making (HHS)!” – Enterprise Architecture, Solutions Director, Citizant

“This is our third year at GTRA Symposium. The benefit is in the relationship building. The business meetings allow us to be able to talk and understand the obstacles of what the government is trying to achieve and then we can provide them tailored solutions. GTRA has absolutely 100% opened doors for MEGA. We were able to close our 1st deal within 3 weeks of the event, and 3 deals within the first 4 months. We were able to go into several substantial contracts jointly as well. Overall, the event provides technical impressions and brings a social networking element instead of always being formal. You can build a relationship which is critical.”  – (Former) Vice President NA Operations, MEGA

“Of the 30 events that I have attended this year, GTRA is by far the best organized event and the technology presentations surpass all others!”   Senior Computer Scientist, NIST