Deedee Akeo, Senior Enterprise Architect, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO), Defense (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Kirit Amin, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, HUD (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Frank Bauer, Vice President for Government Training and Professional Development, Graduate School (Workforce & Leadership Council)

Benjamin Bergersen, Program Manager, Executive Office of the President, OMB (CXO Council)

Richard Boe, IT Infrastructure Services Group Manager, Information Technology Directorate, Air Traffic Organization, FAA (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Robert F. Brese, Chief Information Officer, Energy (CXO Council)

Dr. Barry Brown, Deputy Director, Enterprise Systems Engineer, Customs and Border Patrol, DHS (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Reginald Brown, Deputy Associate Director, Office of Emerging Solutions and HR Innovations, OPM (CXO Council)


Sylvia Burns, Associate DCIO, Policy, Planning, Performance, Interior


Jonathan Cantor, Chief Privacy Officer & Director of Open Government, Commerce (Security Council)

Carol Cha, Director, Information Technology Issues, GAO (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Marian Cody, Chief Information Security Officer, HUD (Security Council)

Colleen Coggins, Chief Information Officer, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Transportation (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Ray Coleman, Chief Information Security Officer, USDA-NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service (Security Council)

Doreen Cox, Chief Architect, Director, Enterprise Architecture Branch, Office of Information Technology, Customs & Border Protection, DHS (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Elisa Cruz, Chief Information Security Officer, FEMA (Security Council)

Jirka Danek, Director General, Enterprise Architecture, Shared Services Canada (CXO Council)

Kevin Deeley, Chief Information Security Officer, Justice (Security Council)

Robert Dilonardo, Chief Information Officer, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, DHS (CXO Council)

Brian Doerk, PMP, The Enterprise Architecture Management System (TEAMS) Project Officer, Coast Guard (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Patrick Donovan, Director Business Operations, General Supply Services, Federal Acquisition Service, GSA (CXO Council)

Steve Elky, Chief Information Security Officer, Library of Congress (Security Council)

Frederic Foley, Chief Architect and Director of Enterprise Architecture, Coast Guard (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Ylanda Ford, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Office of the Chief Information Officer, HUD (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Deborah Gallagher, Acting Director, Identity Management Division, Office of Governmentwide Policy, GSA (Security Council)

Ned Goldberg, Chief Information Security Officer, FDIC (Security Council)

Peter Gouldmann, State Project Manager, Joint State-USAID Project, State (Security Council)

Ira Grossman, Chief Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Architecture Branch, Office of the Chief Information Officer, FEMA (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Chris Hardy, Director Of Technology, Defense Acquisition Portal, DAU (Workforce & Leadership Council)

Kathy Harman-Stokes, J.D., CIPP/G, Chief Privacy Officer, Office of the Executive Director, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Security Council)

Brad Harshman, Chief Enterprise Architect, National Nuclear Security Administration, Energy (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Jerry Horton, Chief Information Officer, Agency for International Development USAID (CXO Council)

Joyce Hunter, Deputy CIO, Planning & Policy, Agriculture


Carmen Iannacone, Chief Technology Officer, Smithsonian Institution (CXO Council)

Dr. Alissa Johnson, Deputy CIO, Executive Office of the President

Lori Pettebone Maatta, MS, CEA, Director, Performance Reporting Group, Office of Enterprise Performance, CMS


Roger Mahach, Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer, Office of the Comptroller of Currency, Treasury (Security Council)

Ethel Matthews, Senior Advisor to Chief Information Officer, Security and Privacy, SBA (Security Council)

Chuck McGann, Director, Corporate Information Security, USPS (Security Council)

Brad Nix, Chief Information Security Officer, Food & Nutrition Service, USDA (Security Council)

Vaughn Noga, Chief Technology Officer & Director, Office of Technology Operations & Planning, EPA (CXO Council)

Jillian O’Connell, Director, Business Integration and Transformation, Commerce (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)


Andrew Orndorff, Associate Chief Information Officer for Information Assurance and Privacy, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Transportation (CXO Council)

Walt Okon, Senior Enterprise Architect, DoD Enterprise Architecture & Standards Directorate, Defense (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Bajinder Paul, Deputy Associate Administrator of Citizen Services and Innovative Technology, GSA (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Dan Pitton, IT Compliance Director, NHTSA SISCO, Transportation (Security Council)

Joy Pritts, Chief Privacy Officer, Office of the National Health Coordinator, HHS (Health IT Council)

John Rogers, Chief Information Officer & DPfM Division, USTRANSCOM (CXO Council)

Ken Rogers, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Strategic Planning, IRM/BPC/EAP, State (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Larry Ruffin, Chief Information Security Officer, Interior (Security Council)

Timothy Ruland, Chief Information Security Officer, Census Bureau (Security Council)

Bruce Sabol, Solution Architect, Information Engineer, USMC, Defense (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)


Eddie Saffarinia, Assistant Inspector General for Information Technology, HUD (CXO Council)

Peter Sand, Director of Privacy Technology, DHS (Security Council)

Carolyn Sanders, CISSP, CISM, CBCP, PMP, Director, Information Technology at Small Business Administration/Office of Disaster Assistance, FAA (CXO Council)

Daniel Sands, Chief Information Security Officer, Director, Information Security and Awareness Office, Office of the Chief Information Officer, National Institutes of Health, HHS (Security Council)

Daud Santosa, Chief Technology Officer, National Business Center, Interior (CXO Council)

Thomas Schankweiler, Information Security Officer, CMS (Security Council)

Michael Schievelbein, FBMS Implementation Office, Lead Technologist, Office of the Secretary, Interior (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Tim Schmidt, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Transportation (CXO Council)

Bobby Smart, Director of Policy and Resources, Chief Architect of the Air Force, Office of Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer, Air Force (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Rene’ E. Smeraglia, CISSP, CRISC, Director of Security, Justice Unified Telecommunications Network (JUTNet), Justice (Security Council)

James Smith, Branch Chief and Chief Enterprise Architect, Bureau of Consular Affairs, State (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Bill Stearn, Chief Information Security Officer, NOAA

John Sullivan, Director, Information Resources Management Division, GSA (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Simone Szykman, CIO, Commerce

Harry Tabak, Chief Enterprise Architect, NOAA National Weather Service (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Diana Takata, Acting Chief Architect, JPDO, Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Dr. Paul A. Tibbits, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Office of Architecture, Strategy and Design, Veterans Affairs (CXO Council)

Wolf Tombe, Chief Technology Officer, Customs & Border Protection, DHS (CXO Council)

Dr. James Trinka, Executive Director, Leading EDGE Program, VA (Workforce & Leadership Council)

Arleas Upton-Kea, Director, Division of Administration, FDIC (Workforce & Leadership Council)

Raghav Vajjhala, Chief Enterprise Architect & Director, Office of Enterprise Architecture, Treasury (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Fred Whiteside, Program Manager, Cloud Computing, Labor (Security Council)

Brian Wilczynski, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Standards, Defense (Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure Council)

Gregory Wilshusen, Director, Information Security Issues, GAO (Security Council)

Veda Woods, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (CXO Council)

Dr. Robert “Rocky” Young, Director, Outreach and Communication for Cyber Security, Defense (Security Council)