Breach-Proof, Multi-jurisdictional, Secure Collaboration in the Private & Public Cloud

Collaborative models involve state and local government, federal/state/local government, and even international collaboratives. Such collaborative efforts will only increase, and the rationale for these collaborative efforts are fairly obvious. Not only as cost saving and cost elimination efforts, but also from a “connectedness” perspective – something government has been desperately trying to achieve within homeland security, law enforcement and first responder community for the last decade.” National States CIO

“Patient-centered care has been identified as an important problem by organizations around the world, including the World Health Organization (WHO). The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the National Health Service in Britain, the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission in Australia, and the Commonwealth Fund Commission, and the American Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in the United States.” – Ontario Medical Association Policy Paper.

The CloudMask presentation will show how its solution provides breach-proof, secure collaboration in the private and public cloud to solve the mulit-jurisdictional challenges outlined above by the National States CIO organization, and in Healthcare as outlined by the OECD, WHO and the American Agency for Healthcare Research.

Location Independent Computing is Here to Stay

Organizations have to embrace location-independent computing to better leverage global resources, radically reduce the cost of running their missions and operations, and maximize employee productivity. Join our roundtable to assess how far along your organization is in this journey.

Securing and Enabling the Remote User

Today’s employees have higher expectations, driven from their experience with fast and intuitive consumer technologies. But IT, which is forced to meet stringent regulatory and security requirements – and often lacks the funding for large scale rip and replace projects – is often confined by outdated, hard to use infrastructure. Organizations are tackling complex challenges such as:

  • Enable mobile workers while balancing the need to throttle back their access when required
  • Control access to government issued devices by WiFi Hot Spot or serial number
  • Manage local admin rights, and whitelist or blacklist agents

Give your users the experience they want with the compliance and security you need. How? Join the interactive roundtable to learn how to set policies to securely control access whenever, wherever, and however employees work.

Leveraging the CDM Program to Break Down IT Operations and Security Silos

Join us in the HP roundtable to discuss new ideas, approaches and modern techniques to help break down the silo’s that exist between IT Operations and Security.

Although IT supports the business in many ways, within most Federal agencies there are two, sometimes conflicting core objectives; the need to quickly provide new capability/mission value and the requirement to deliver it securely. Both are extremely important, however within most Federal environments the ability to innovate quickly is typically hindered by security/compliance processes. With major efforts like CDM underway to help automate security processes, we will discuss how to leverage CDM to help resolve this core conflict and help IT achieve common security and IT operations objectives.

Specifically, We have been hard at work on your behalf, and have developed a product agnostic IT Value Chain sponsored by the OpenGroup, supported by a common IT Reference Architecture that can be used to clearly define governance of functional areas within IT and ease integration, automation and management. To support these efforts, we will have information on our new Security, Big-Data Analytics and Automation offerings available to help with questions during the discussions.

Harris Trusted Enterprise Network—Infrastructure that Ensures the Safety of the American Public

Presented by Harris Corporation – Abstract Coming Soon

Mobile Maturity Stages in the Federal Government

Organizations are moving from security to collaboration through dynamic workflows using mobile technology.  Where are you…and where do you want to go?

Top 5 Myths of Data Breaches

With data breaches a daily reality, several myths about their inevitability have developed that need to be dispelled:

  • Existing technologies were the problem
  • Threats are too sophisticated
  • External attacks are the main cause
  • With more attacks at the application layer, network controls are useless
  • And if I just keep systems patched, breaches could be prevented

Proactive security intelligence about current cyber defenses can put each of these myths to rest. Your existing firewalls, routers and switches can be more effective immediately with advanced configuration, change and risk management intelligence and workflow automation. So no need to automatically jump on the latest shiny new security technology bandwagon. And you can maximize the ROI of cyber defenses you already own.

Grow Your Storage Capacity, Increase Your Security and Reduce Your Costs

Data storage security, availability, reliability, cost and scalability are topics that come into question for government organizations considering the cloud. The most pressing issue, however, is how to deal with the ever increasing costs associated with the need for more data and, as a result, more storage. For application ranging from life sciences, medical and financial management to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, the data being collected by government agencies is increasing in volume, velocity and variety.

During our roundtable, learn why on-premise, object-based dispersed storage is the answer to these growing challenges and a solution to the need for a secure, reliable, and scalable storage with significantly lower TCO.

Security and Mobility – Can they go Hand-in-Hand?

Presentation by Blackberry – Abstract Coming Soon

Innovative Solutions that Simplify the Network and Empower Your Agency

Virtualization, HD video, cloud services, social media, mobility… every one of these is putting a new set of demands on today’s networks. This can be particularly challenging in an environment where IT budgets are being cut and generations of legacy infrastructure are impeding adoption of new capabilities. Agencies need solutions that can deliver break through these barriers, and is unmatched in Simplicity, Reliability, Agility, and Security.

Discover a new way to evolve networks and deliver secure, mobile collaboration and services to users over an agile and resilient infrastructure while lowering total cost of ownership.