Leveraging the CDM Program to Break Down IT Operations and Security Silos

Join us in the HP roundtable to discuss new ideas, approaches and modern techniques to help break down the silo’s that exist between IT Operations and Security.

Although IT supports the business in many ways, within most Federal agencies there are two, sometimes conflicting core objectives; the need to quickly provide new capability/mission value and the requirement to deliver it securely. Both are extremely important, however within most Federal environments the ability to innovate quickly is typically hindered by security/compliance processes. With major efforts like CDM underway to help automate security processes, we will discuss how to leverage CDM to help resolve this core conflict and help IT achieve common security and IT operations objectives.

Specifically, We have been hard at work on your behalf, and have developed a product agnostic IT Value Chain sponsored by the OpenGroup, supported by a common IT Reference Architecture that can be used to clearly define governance of functional areas within IT and ease integration, automation and management. To support these efforts, we will have information on our new Security, Big-Data Analytics and Automation offerings available to help with questions during the discussions.