How Federal enterprises can easily address their critical, and almost universal, shortfall in Insider Threat Mitigation by adopting readily available technologies deployed by the largest commercial organizations across the globe.

The largest commercial firms such as VW, Exxon, GE, Intel, Bank of America, and American Express are successfully mitigating Insider Threats while Federal enterprises continue to miss the exploits. To help you avoid the next Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning, this is a discussion of easily deployable, and actually effective, enterprise Insider Threat Mitigation technology in production at the largest commercial firms on earth. Hint, HSPD-12 is NOT the commercial solution.

This briefing focuses on enterprise Insider Threat Mitigation solutions are available to Federal organizations that are unique, actually work, can be deployed in months, and don’t need congressional appropriations to acquire and implement. Imagine, an enterprise solution to a critical cybersecurity shortfall that can be acquired and deployed in a single budget year. As an added benefit, the same technologies introduce tremendous operational improvements as well. Imagine, a security system that enhances instead of delays daily enterprise operational effectiveness.v