Continuous Monitoring – How to Achieve Cyber Security Readiness

Legacy systems, broad access, diverse devices, network dynamics and resource constraints all impact the means to satisfy Command Cyber Readiness Inspections for DoD and FISMA scores for Civilian agencies. The sophistication of today’s threats requires organizations to create a more efficient and responsive security and risk management processes than have existed in the past. One of the top mandates for all government organizations is how to continuously monitor and control access to their networks and ensure host-based security systems and time-based scanning are appropriate and active. More so, how can government create more agile defenses while preserving infrastructure investments and optimizing their resources? This discussion will examine pragmatic approaches to real-time monitoring and mitigation of enterprise risk due to unmanaged and non-compliant managed endpoint access including mobile devices, and protect sensitive network resources against cyberattacks through four functions:

  • Visibility, collaboration and control challenges
  • Tenants of continuous monitoring and mitigation
  • Network access control
  • Automating CCRI/STIG & Comply-to-Connect capabilities